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Cyber Consultants

Cybersecurity is now omnipresent. LoML’s international network (Canada/US/UK) built through 30+ years of experience in Communication Research and IT Engineering makes us an invaluable asset!

We’re here to help so get in touch to book a meeting!

La CyberSécurité est un incontournable. Le réseau de LoML (Canada/US/UK) résultant de plus de 30 années de collaboration internationale en R&D de systèmes informatiques font de nous un partenaire idéal!

Nous sommes là pour vous aider alors entrez en contacte avec nous!

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LoML Consultants Inc Executive Cadre in alphabetical order


Nick Allott is CEO and Founder of NquiringMinds, which develops a next generation database, optimised for AI, Security and IOT data. He is also Visiting Professor at University of Southhampton, and is the Director of the Webinos Open Source Foundation. He advises the UK Government on the Secure by Default Program and was among a handful of technology CEOs selected by, the then Prime Minister, Theresa May, to accompany on her first trade mission to India. Nick is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, the Institute of Analysts and Programmers and the Royal Society of Arts.


Adam Amos-Binks is the Chief AI Scientist at ARA bringing 15 years of intelligence community experience including creating and managing the multi-million-dollar, multi-organizational Anticipatory Thinking research program at the National Security Agency’s Laboratory for Analytic Sciences. His research combines artificial intelligence methods, specifically intention recognition and revision, with cognitive models of comprehension to investigate the underlying phenomena of prospection, sensemaking, and imagination in humans. He has published his work at peer-reviewed conferences such as AAAI and in journals such as Advances in Cognitive Systems. His expertise is sought internationally by several intelligence organisations.


Renaud is the President/CEO and founder of LoML Consultants Inc. He is a passionate people & result oriented executive with experience in the public and private sector. As Chief Architect at PHAC he was responsible for overall system architecture overhaul to handle Canada’s COVID-19 challenges. As DG for CSE he was responsible for R&D IT Infrastructure with staff of over 200 people and a budget of over 30M$.  Manager then Director at Locus Dialogue which eventually became InfoSpace Speech Solutions when acquired by InfoSpace Inc. from Bellevue California (2000 & 2003). He co-published research with colleagues and University profs at Carleton University under the TIM Review Program.  Earlier he was the principle engineer for numerous successful Communications Security Establishment projects (1986 to 1999).


James Semple began his career at the Communications Security Establishment in Canada before moving to ICO Global Communications, a global satellite company spun-out of Inmarsat, where he was responsible for the security algorithms and architecture. He then led the European efforts of Certicom, which developed security solutions based on elliptic curve cryptography. He later joined Qualcomm where he was responsible for mobile phone security-related research and standardisation in Corporate R&D prior to moving into Corporate Strategy and Business Development roles in the company. Since 2015 he has been at Oxford University where he collaborates with colleagues in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, to help inform the research agenda with the perspective of technology development gained in research roles in industry, and he launched the Creative Destruction Lab at the Said Business School. He gained a D.Phil. in mathematics at Oxford in 1993.


D'Arcy Walsh is a scientist whose focus is dynamic systems, the emerging science of causality, and cognitive methods and techniques for improved online safety. Previously, he was senior science advisor of the Joint Research Office at the Communications Security Establishment. He has experience researching, designing, and developing communication processing and workflow systems. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for career achievement and has published in various peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals, including those of the ACM, IEEE, and Springer.

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